Welcome to my new website and fully functioning blog. After an overhaul to my portfolio I figured I should clean up my website as well making it very streamline, clean and simple to use.

Unlike my older site, you will notice I now have a fully functioning blog (woo hoo) this is going to be used to announce events, news, tutorials, talks, bts, freebies and a whole lot more, so keep an eye on my social media for notifications of updates.

Already 2016 has proven to be an incredible year for me in terms of photography and incredible clients, I will be sharing all loads of sneaky previews, bts and retouching videos from everything I do (unless I am not allowed to of course). 

I am incredibly privileged to work with incredible clients and friends to create some beautiful, and surreal imagery to take our work to the next level and I adore them all for it. 

So I hope you enjoy this journey with me and that we can all pick up something new as time goes on.

Christine xx


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