Recently I was asked to shoot a model casting video for Tyne Tee's models very own Jon Snow look alike Antony. Not only is it unusual for me to be shooting a video, but I rarely get the chance to photograph male models so I had to use this shoot to my full advantage. 

So naturally I use the Black Magic 4k production camera and shoot RAW video as I haven't had a chance to play with that setting since I received the camera, needless to say a 500gb SSD was not big enough for the whole video shoot in RAW. But the quality is beyond real, combine this with a combination of pin sharp lenses and voila! 

For editing I used a combination of Da Vinci resolve and Final Cut Pro, the amount of control that you get over the footage in Da Vinci is mind blowing and slightly overwhelming, it is going to take a while getting used to ( I am currently playing around with it more as we speak), but most of the actual editing was done in good old trusty Final Cut Pro. The idea behind how the video was edited was to make it look like a moving model card with a polaroid style image (no editing apart from the black and white) which I think worked out really well,  you can see the final result below.

Christine <3 


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