For most of good Friday I spent shopping for bits and pieces to make a head piece for a shoot on the Saturday with Tyne Tees model Ellen. I completely threw myself into the deep end with this project as I wanted it to be conceptual and have an incredible head piece but because it was a last minute shoot I wasn't able to buy or loan anything in time so I started to sketch out ideas and went on a mission to purchase the items.

The sketch above shows I wanted the head piece to look, whether or not I would be able to get the right items was a whole other issue I wasn't prepared for. I mean who knew it would be hard to find fake but light weight skulls? Not me, lol.

I wasn't sure how I would get the candles onto the hairband then Glenn suggested we drill some nails into it, the idea scared me at first as I thought that the base of the nails would dig into the models head but we managed to get them quite flat to the hairband. Drilling the candles was awkward I think we split two? The trick is to do them slowly, to make the candles look used and worn we lit them to the wax would run down, adding more texture to the piece.

It was at this point I realised that the skull wasn't going to fit onto the hairband with the skull (yay) one there would be no space and two it would make the overall piece very heavy and snap the headband with the weight.

So using cable ties I added the skull to another hairband, which was quite simple, the cable ties look ugly but I had a couple of ideas of how I was going to hide them.

Hot wax was then poured onto the candles and as well as onto the hairband to add more texture and to make it look well used, then added some of the wax to the skull to tie the two pieces together to give a consistent look and to hide the cable ties.. I then used some cable ties to pin the flowers into place.

I then used a glue gun to add some cob webs to make it look as though it has been standing a while to add more more depth to the story and the head piece. There was also some left over leaves from the flowers that I added in for an extra colour and more texture.

Once all of the pieces were done, we took it outside to spray it white, not fully more of a dusting to bring it all together. I was literally squeeing at this point, I haven't made anything for a photoshoot in years and I have never felt so inspired in a while and I can't wait to plan the next one. 

Scroll down for the final images from the shoot *__*

The model for the shoot is the stunning Ellen from Tyne Tees Models, we had the awesome skills of Emma Louise (Emma Louise HMUA) on hair and make up. We first done some natural headshots to get us prepared for the shoot and to try a bit of lighting.

As usual I went for a one light setup, this was just a soft box above and to the left of the camera, to get some really nice shadows. 

The images below (squeeeeee) are the final result, and I have to say I love them. The lighting was similar to the above, except I under exposed it a little bit more and I shot through a glass that was smeared in vaseline, which got everywhere and then I broke the glass :X whoops.

The spot processing included a little skin cleaning, not much at all and then I got to play around with lots of colours, which again is something I love doing as you can really set mood and scene with colour. I do need to brush up on my colour theory as I do go the extremes sometimes but I love high contrast and overly saturated images. They just make my eyes happy.

So there you go folks, I would love to know what you think of the images and our queen! <3 


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