When the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy came out a couple of years back I was beyond excited, this is the first time this has happened since the first X-Men movie came out, which was severely disappointing for me personally. 

I tried my hardest to not get caught up in the hype but before the moxie was even released I recreated this background in photoshop, because I wanted to be part of THAT team. 

I never really done anything with this file so anyone who signs up for my newsletter this month will get it free :) and I would love to see the teams you create to save the universe. Email them to so I can feature them <3 

I must remind everyone that Guardians of the Galaxy is copyrighted to Marvel/Disney so this is not available for commercial use, it is just something fun for people to play with. I would also love it if you credit me as well.

Along with Winter Soldier I have ti say this is one of my favourite Marvel movies and overtime I watch it I am back to being an excited kid again <3


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