Back in October for an event in our building my friend Helen (owner of the fashion label Osseus) made an incredible Kylo Ren costume for her partner for Hallowe'en, everyone on my floor is huge Star Wars fan so needless to say we were blown away by how fast she produced this and the quality. At the event as out 'Kylo Ren' wandered the party and incited fear upon everyone they crossed, I begged them to let me photograph them.

Ross (Kylo) seemed a little unsure at first as he had never modelled before but eventually he agreed, due to conflicting schedules we finally got to shoot this last month and it was AMAZING. The entire shoot lasted 30 minutes and everything was edited within 2 hours including the video below.

This was the most fun on a shoot I have had for a while, I got to experiment with the gels, the lighting, we got to listen to the Star Wars soundtracks, look at references and just geek out. Being surrounded by friends really just made for the most relaxed shoot. 

Helen helped 'waft' the clothing to get some movement while my friend Katie helped with lighting, they all convinced me to open my Captain Phasma toy which had me in quite the state lol. That is her you can see in the background below, I did have to shoot her separately but it does add a nice touch.

If you know me you know I don't open any of my toys, statues or action figures, they stay in the box, looking beautiful and pristine, if you open your toys you can guarantee I am silently (probably vocally) judging you haha. I do come from a design background so I usually appreciate the packaging just as much as the content. And just in case you are curious I have actually kept Captain(/Queen) Phasma out of her box, she sits on my desk just looking at me, I am such a Gwendoline Christie fangirl, I would love to photograph her. 

The post processing was the most fun part (sorry guys) as I got to make lightsaber noises as I photoshopped them onto the image, you can't tell me I am not earning epic cool points by admitting this. 

Allt he backgrounds are either painted or a gradient and a lot of the special effects are painted on. The screenshot above shows a before and after and the video below shows the process of one of the images. If you head over to my instagram you will be able to see an animated gif to go the final image above (search king_christeeny). 

I did have to add some extra light because with the main light source being a lightsaber and us being fake jedi/siths means it was always going to be replicated in photoshop (boo). 

The final steps was toning the image to add the finishing touches and to bring all the pieces together and help create the atmosphere.

Now to create a giant BB-8...

Kylo Ren Photoshop Process


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