I was talking to the Managing Director from Savalas Models, we were discussing what the possibilities were of photographing as many models as possible in a short space of time, no retouching and high quality images at the end of it. The other catch was that the models were not allowed to wear make up either, so we could capture their RAW beauty too.

I like to think I am quite confident with lighting especially with a one light set up which I tend to use a lot with a variety of results.

This meant I would also get to work with some of my favourite models as well as some incredible new faces. The first up is Sarah, who I worked with earlier in the year on a beauty editorial. Sarah is the sweetest person you will ever meet, she has the most amazing freckles and she is also amazing at modelling. 

The lighting set up was quite simple, one bowens light with a medium softbox on its lowest setting usually placed to the right of the camera.  I may have also took some extra shots on the ringlights. 

These were actually shot in black and white too (Savalas Models favourite) so I did shoot jpeg, I know I can hear all the professionals crying out in horror that I didn't use RAW. But these images are for social media and portfolio use only, the lighting looked amazing so I only had to add a bit on contrast in lightroom and they would be ready to upload. 

I would love to know what you all think of these images, and if anyone would like to know more about the light and camera settings drop me an email to chris@christeeny.com




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