Model : Ynnah

MUA/Hair : Chantal Jane Make Up

The headpiece in the first image was created by the incredible talented Kathryn Russell.

This was a very last minute shoot, I literally found out a couple of hours before that I would be doing a model portfolio update, mainly waste up, natural but glossy look with slightly dramatic lighting.

I adore working with Chantal and I had been wanting to work with Ynnah for some time now, I had high expectations for the shoot and Ynnah and Chantal surpassed them with their amazing work.

This shoot didn't even last an hour and every shot was useable which is amazing, having to cut the images down was hard though. The lighting was camera right and a medium soft box, Chantal was the wind machine :'D helping to make Ynnah's hair flow perfectly for some of the shots.



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