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My name is Chris Patterson, I am a portrait photographer based in the North East of England but willing to travel for any assignment. My work has been featured on National TV, International and National Magazines, CD’s, T-Shirts and on a variety of online media.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any assignments or projects. chris@christeeny.com + 44 (0)7939 073419 I like to pull lots of silly faces. I also love chocolate and i mean LOVE chocolate! <3


What camera gear do you use?

I always get stick for this as I use a 7yr old Canon 7D which isn't full frame but it works perfectly for me and my portraiture work plus it's indestructible, more cameras need to be like this. My primary lighting kit is Bowens but I do use a variety of other brands in the studio. My go to lens is the Tamron 24-70 which is incredible. 

I am also a camera hoarder with over 30 different kinds of film cameras, my favourites being a Holga and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 110 film camera. I am currently trying to source a nice large format camera to add to the collection as well as a darkroom so I can experiment more. 

What filter/action/preset did you use?

I get this a lot which is awesome and I am only happy to help, if you sign up to my newsletter I usually give away my actions, presets and PSD backgrounds for people to play with. Sign up at the bottom of the page, if you have trouble drop me an email to chris@christeeny.com this is also the email to use if you want me to see what you have created with resources I send out. 

I love your work, do you do TF/test shoots?

It makes me so happy when people tell me that they would love to work with me but I rarely take on TF/Tests because of the time it takes and I have a great go to team for personal projects. I you are a model with an agency get them to contact me about working with yourself. I am however always on the look out to work with new MUA's/ Hair Stylists/Stylists/Designers. 

What inspires you?

A lot of things, comic books are a huge inspiration for me, fantasy/supernatural/horror/Sci-Fi books and movies are my kryptonite, Music, other photographers who I really love bouncing ideas off. 

My photographic idols through are Mario Testino, Zhang Jingna, Diane Arbus, Perou, Rankin, James White and my absolute favourite Cecil Beaton.

What is your favourite image that you have shot? 

5 years ago I had an amazing opportunity of shooting one my favourite bands RUSH, I have a shot of Geddy Lee that I will love until the end of time. 


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