ABOUT chris

I am a photographer/Illustrator based in Newcastle (UK), who is fluent in Ewokese.

My 9-5 consists of demonstrating a wide variety of Adobe Software within an educational facility, overseeing two photography studios for fashion and products, large format printing and in general getting students excited about software and technology and helping them take over the world! 

I am also a freelance photographer with an obsession with photo manipulation. I have been published internationally, in both print, broadcast and of course the internet. 


Highly proficient in the use of :

Adobe Photoshop CC (Certified)

Adobe InDesign CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Lightroom (Both CC and Classic)

Adobe Rush CC

Adobe Muse CC

Adobe Dimension CC

Final Cut 

Playing the Sims 2

Pixelmater Pro


Adobe Mobile Apps

Union Mobile Apps


Capture One

Currently Learning:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

Adobe XD

Clo 3D