You processed film in whutttt?!

The captions don't lie.

Well I technically didn't process the film in lemon juice, I did how ever leave the film soaking in lemon juice for several days before processing. I made some cute little short videos of the whole thing which you can view below.

Me: Vertical video is bad

Also me: ... (see below)

In my defence I done most of this live on instagram and it won't allow you to shoot in anything but portrait. Urgh.

Yes I own a R2D2 teapot :P it's full of biscuits 0:)

Obviously different lemon juice will provide different results depending on any extras chucked in it, the length of time will also make a huge difference.

Just a note, it's colour film I am using (£1 colour film from the poundshop) also don't sniff the canister after leaving it sealed for 4 days *vomits*

Spent my lunch with Jason processing this, for colour film processing we have the 'swish swish' machine - technical term, honestly...

Just a note, the lemon juice will make the film super tacky so if you are not processing it by yourself check with whoever is doing it for you that they can do this process.

Holding it up to the light to see if it had worked

*drum roll*

Everyone : There is dust on your prints.

Me : GOOD! You're . going to hate what I am going to be doing next then :')

Chris <3

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