Hello World

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

WElcome to my new blog, filled with my rambling, doodles and weird ideas.

The gingerbread latte I inhaled while typing this. Super hipster-tastic <3

I typed up this long intro, that essentially introduced you to myself and the inner workings of my mind, I promptly deleted it as I didn't want to scare anyone away just yet.

For those who I have met via comic book conventions, online, photography shows, J-Rock gigs, gigs in general, for those who I have taught, or who I have met randomly, welcome back *waves.* And for those I haven't met yet, 'Hi,' I look forward to chatting with you, discussing photography, why Rogue is the best X-Men character to ever be created andwhy sweetcorn is evil. And if you are American, I look forward to the never ending argument of biscuits > cookies.

Chris <3

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