I have been experimenting a bit more with traditional methods like I did when I was back in college. I love digital but I always loved the uncertainty with traditional, is it going to work, is it going to go horribly wrong, or is weird shit about to happen?! I prefer the latter. Weird shit wins every time.

Digital is convenient, sometimes too convenient, sometimes you just have to go through the process, have a little bit of a plot twist, a little uncertainty before the end results. Traditional techniques allow this, even if the end result doesn't work out, you may get unexpected but pleasing results, or you might scream 'bollocks,' and have to go through the process again. No matter what you do, there is always a lesson to be learnt.

“Weird shit wins every time.”

I wanted to try doing more experiments at home, while trying to turn the spare bathroom which only gets used now and again (due to it not having a shower) when I hit rock bottom, fill the tub up far too many bubbles, an army of rubber duckies, skull candles on, Ben and Jerry's out of the freezer (ohh their low calorie chocolate chip cookie is divine) while singing along to the Spice Girls to make life seem a little worthwhile. This room seems like the ideal space, unless I am doing the above, then it's awkward...

Disclaimer: If you are not a Spice Girls fan, leave my website now, leave my life, I don't need need this kind of negativity. Ginger rules!!!!

The video below is a result of me waking up super excited that we actually have daylight in the Newcastle (Gateshead, before anyone corrects me), so I won't have to do an exposure as long as what I would normally have to.

The video is also pre coffee, and I seem incapable of finding words, but that's ok, I have more than made up for that since.

Photograms is a process of creating an photographic image without using a camera. You need light sensitive paper (there are lots of different kinds, that will get different effects) and some objects to place on top of it. I chose an orange, mainly because when they are cut, they can be quite translucent, or if you cut them like I do, they will have huge holes in them. The result is a negative.

The results can be seen below...

More experimenting needed, looking forward to doing portraits with this method over the Easter Holidays.

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